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Light touch button switch performance test
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Light touch button switch of several main performance test shows:
A, soldering resistance test:
1, solderability test:
Way: tin welding feet dangling into the pool is about 2 mm deep, test temperature of about 230 + 5 ℃, holding time for 3 + / - 0.5 seconds.
Results: the bubble is part of more than 80% of the welding feet are covered by tin.
2, welding resistance test:
Method: solder welding furnace temperature control at 260 + 5 ℃, furnace welded to keep in time to 5 + 1 seconds (substrate)
Hand welding when the temperature control in the 350-30 ℃, time of 3 + / - 0.5 seconds but not abnormal pressure of the welding foot.
Results: the light touch button switch, no deformation, can meet in electrical performance. Abnormal pressure on the results.
Second, the cold tolerance test:
Method: 20 + / - 3 ℃ below zero temperature environment to place four days, then in the normal environment, 30 minutes for testing.
Results: contact resistance, insulation resistance in the standard range, without any signs of damage of the switch performance.
Three, high temperature resistance test:
Method: in 280-30 ℃ environment temperature, product storage for 2 to 3 minutes, wait for after cooling test its handle, resistance.
Results: the resistance force, the springback, appearance, etc.; No any signs of damage. Light touch button switches use performance remains intact
Four, wet resistance test:
Way: from 40 to 90-95% RH + 2 ℃ environment into four days, then placed in the normal environment, 30 minutes for testing.
Results: the contact resistance, insulation resistance are within the scope of the standard, and no any signs of damage of the switch performance.
Five, alternating temperature test
In different temperature environment, circulation again after five times after 30 minutes under normal environment for testing;
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